A passion for craftmanship has grown into a love for helping you work your way

A Reputation for Excellence

Kimball Office is a design driven, technologically savvy brand that has been an industry leader since its inception in 1970. We are proud to be a brand unit of Kimball International, a publicly-traded company that received official recognition by Forbes as being a trustworthy company in 2013, 2014, and 2015-one of only very few companies to earn the designation for multiple years. Our history and our heritage are deeply rooted in excellence-a tradition we intend to continue well into the future-and our products have earned numerous awards and have been featured in TV and film, as well as in some of the highest profile offices in the United States.


Deeply rooted in American tradition and driven by a passionate pride of self, place, and product, Kimball Office quickly achieved success in the marketplace upon its 1970 founding. With a reputation for fine craftsmanship, product quality that was second to none, and an innate ability to provide on time and quick delivery, Kimball Office quickly, became one the the industry’s most trusted and reliable leaders.


For 45 years, we have been designing office furniture that is inspiring, productive, and environmentally-responsible. Our parent company, Kimball International, was founded in 1950 by Arnold Habig as the Jasper Corporation-a contract manufacturer of residential furniture and television cabinets. In 1959, The Jasper Corporation purchased the W.W. Kimball Company-a century-old piano maker from Chicago which was manufacturing 100,000 pianos and organs per year at its peak. This success spurred growth into new markets including office furniture, home furniture, and electronics.