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At Kimball Health, we are focused on better outcomes for patients, their families, the staff that heals them and the environments surrounding them. 

Our understanding and commitment to giving patients and their loved ones the right solutions is evident in Kimball's 45-year history of creating purposeful products. Addressing today's continuum of care with our vast collection of products vitally supports healthcare environments. And just as important, we are committed to ensuring comfort in critical circumstances with our product designs to forward the healing process. 

We make waiting areas more reassuring, putting visitors and patients at ease with modern classics and mid-century designs in lounge groupings or space-saving tandem configurations. Furniture is scaled and ergonomically contoured for easy entry and exit, while also supporting family and caregivers during long waiting periods. Antimicrobial surfaces provide cleaner environments and less risk to patients and their families. 

Patient rooms equipped with a Kimball Health supportive environment offer safety and security with our expert attention to seating and casegoods. Antimicrobial surfaces, multi-generational features, and durably constructed cabinetry and drawers support staff and patients with healthy environments and better performance. A versatile design menu of shapes, bases, hardware and finishes provide custom appeal without a custom price. 

Spacious sleeper chairs offer rest and comfort to overnight family and visitors, resulting in better mornings and a fresh start. Overbed Tables with smooth, finger-tip controls glide and adjust effortlessly to help staff tend to patients and complete monitoring tasks. Full function treatment chairs are sized to support all body types and are equipped to support a diverse range of treatments. 

Whether you're specifying for a healthcare facility today or planning for tomorrow, Kimball Health offers the products and a committed focus for better outcomes at all levels: design, products, patients, staff and families. Healthcare is changing rapidly and Kimball Health is leading the charge for progressive results, delivering a better environment for true wellbeing.