Superior Foundation...Priority is a suite of versatile components that fits together to create modern work environments with timeless appeal. Strong undergirding and precisely-engineered connectors are the backbone of the collection. These good bones are essential to Priority's elegant appearance and superior performance.

Beyond Benching...Created around a notion of an uncomplicated kit of parts with true universal application, Priority dynamically meets the needs of individuals, teams, and entire organizations. In its simplest forms, Priority provides what all workers find essential: the space, worksurfaces, storage, and support for multiple computers and cabling to be personally productive, yet connected to the whole. As an organization inevitably changes or grows, Priority can be reconfigured, rescaled, and re-adapted to suit any situation.

Classic and Progressive...Priority supports classic and progressive work modes for groups and individuals. Open plan or private office space can be outfitted with Priority desking, benching, conference, and storage solutions. Two distinct styles--Classic and Progressive--and many choices in finish and fabric help to customize the look of the workplace.

The Classic style recalls traditional cabinetry, with coped rims for a flush fit between components. The Progressive style features a floating top effect that gives components a lighter look. Both styles can be used, separately or together, in any setting.

Simply put...No matter what your office style, Priority provides a coordinated suite of desks, benches, tables, and storage units to support it. All Priority components exemplify the Kimball Office tradition of high craftsmanship, high quality, and integration.

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