Hum. Minds at Work.®


Hum is the sound of a team working well, individually and together. From moment to moment work tasks change and we need to adapt.

Furniture designed for minds at work:
  • Reflect personal work styles
  • Gather around multi-use spaces
  • Switch between individual focus and collaboration

Mixed materials for total flexibility:
  • Metal See Me screens
  • Wool felt central screens and modesty panels
  • Straight grain composite veneer
Hum. Minds at Work. Research Book The Hum. Minds at Work. Research Book is designed to function as a tool for those charged with the task of creating and maintaining high performance workplaces. Its role as a communication piece is to provide evidence of the investigation, exploration and design process that led to the development of the Hum product.

This book provides insight into the specific product development of Hum. Minds at Work. and key drivers, including the changing nature of work and cognitive ergonomics.

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