orderXchange Plus
Electronic order processing via orderXchange Plus is the most effective way to send purchase orders and receive order confirmations.

  • Efficient – Your order can be created within minutes
  • Accurate - A thorough real-time validation of your order is performed before it is created
  • Informed - You will receive "real-time validity checks" for:
    • Manual order entry on orderXchange Plus
    • Orders submitted via SIF
    • Order Corrections
    • You will be notified with immediate and specific feedback as you are submitting or correcting your sales orders
  • Corrections - Corrections can be made at the orderXchange Plus website or resubmitted from your system
  • Flexible – OrderXchange Plus can directly interface with various dealer business systems (Team Design, EnSite Pro, Hedberg, and CORE). Additionally, order SIF files can be uploaded directly at our orderXchange Plus website
  • Location, Location, Location – OrderXchange Plus provides a central location to drop off all EDI orders for Team Design-Team Relay users as well as OrderXchange Plus orders
  • Reliable - You can save an order during your submission process and all data files are saved and tracked in our system
  • Cost efficient - No connection fees from Kimball Office for orderXchange Plus
  • Printable:
    • Print an order with Header, Shipping, Pricing, and Line Item details
    • Print a list of errors for a specific order
  • Pricing - For your convenience you will see a comparison of Dealer net pricing vs. Kimball Office net pricing
  • Easy Access - You are approved by an Administrator right at your dealership!

  • A product specification application such as 20-20 CAP, 20-20 Giza, 20-20 Office Sales, 20-20 Worksheet
  • A compatible software application for system-to-system integration (Team Design, EnSite Pro, Hedberg, Order Messenger, CORE)
  • Internet connectivity
  • Completion of steps outlined in "Getting Started"

Getting Started
To get started on orderXchange Plus with Kimball Office simply review the Dealership Responsibilities below and register for access to orderXchange Plus.

Dealership Procedural Responsibilities
  • The dealership is responsible for the accuracy of orders sent through orderXchange Plus
  • If the order fails to pass our validation, we will notify the dealership. The dealership is responsible for correcting the error and resubmitting the order
  • If there are changes to an existing order, these changes must be communicated to Customer Service. Changes to existing orders cannot be made via an orderXchange Plus transmission
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